Hacking PeepOpen: Ignore list and shortcut key

vim peepopen ignore shortcut


I just bought the PeepOpen application, and so far it's been great. It's alpha software, so understandably it lacks certain features. Luckily, since the code is open, we can tweak it.

The 5 Minute tweak rule

Every time I try and do a customization / hack / tweak in some of my tools, I try best to keep it to a minimum. I did the tweakin between my 25-min (pomodoros)[http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/], which luckily, made it just in time.

Ignore list

Shortcut key combination

Admittedly, \+p isn't the best key combination for this. Especially for something you use so often.

I so happened to have established muscle memory for ,t, which previously did a VimFuzzyFileFinder (courtesy of jamis buck).

After installing the MacVim plugin, I just took a peep in ~/.vim/plugin, and voila, there it was! peepopen.vim

I just changed the following

if !hasmapto('<Plug>PeepOpen')
  map <unique> <silent> <Leader>p <Plug>PeepOpen


if !hasmapto('<Plug>PeepOpen')
  map <unique> <silent> <Leader>p <Plug>PeepOpen
  map <unique> <silent> ,t <Plug>PeepOpen

And 5 minutes later, I got everything I need! :D

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