Our first app in Rails 3

rails3 ruby edge ruby19


We're building a very simple app, and we decided to start with Rails3. Here is our stack so far:

  1. Rails3
  2. HAML
  3. Paperclip
  4. is_taggable
  5. twitter-auth
  6. mocha
  7. shoulda
  8. factory_girl
  9. theia

Gotcha Number One: Shoulda

When we try using shoulda as advertised, we run into a problem where bundler requires it before Rails.root or RAILS_ROOT is set. Hence we had to work around it by putting shoulda and factory_girl in a different bundler group (KUDOS to tim for the idea).

Our Gemfile so far


NOTE: We put the code


Somewhere in our test_helper to require shoulda without it complaining.

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