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Rails3: Factory girl and file uploads

rails3 ruby edge ruby19 factory_girl | comments

Our experience so far with rails 3 has been pretty good. Some of the modules and internals of rails were renamed, but so far we haven't experienced anything that changed drastically. Most of the stuff still have some parallelisms.

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Our first app in Rails 3

rails3 ruby edge ruby19 | comments

We're building a very simple app, and we decided to start with Rails3. Here is our stack so far:

  1. Rails3
  2. HAML
  3. Paperclip
  4. is_taggable
  5. twitter-auth
  6. mocha
  7. shoulda
  8. factory_girl
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Waiting for Shoulda to work with Rails 2.3

rails23 ruby19 shoulda | comments

Since Rails 2.3 is the only Ruby 1.9 compatible version of rails, and shoulda hasn't yet made the move to support Rails 2.3, I'm gonna play a little waiting game and try and let the guys at thoughtbot update shoulda.

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Switching to Kestrel (from Starling)

starling ruby rails ruby19 kestrel queuing | comments

Since I'm slowly (but surely) making the move to ruby 1.9 each day, I discovered that starling doesn't work with ruby 1.9, and most probably, it never will.

The guys at twitter have moved to kestrel for a time now, so I guess that's the best move for me as well. Considering switching to an entirely different queue server with a different protocol will incur too much overhead as of this moment.

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AWS-S3 now Ruby 1.9 compatible

aws-s3 ruby19 amazon | comments

Marcel Molina just upgraded his copy on github.

Check it out here


The long and winding road to ruby 1.9

ruby19 amazon aws-s3 blackbook | comments

I've been trying to update to ruby 1.9. So far here are some notes:

Amazon S3

I patched it myself. here it is:


Found a Ruby 1.9 compatible version at

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