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IE7 XmlHttpRequest parseerror problem

browsers ajax debugging ruby rails metal | comments

Hair Pulling Galore

Have you ever run into the problem in Rails Metal where AJAX Requests just choke? When you try and debug the error response, it would stupidly reply "parseerror".

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Rails 2.3.2 Object not Missing Constant Xxx

rails ruby debugging namespace routes | comments

I ran into this error earlier, and I got to tell you, this is really one puzzling error message.

Basically I have the code in my routes that does this:

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Mac OS X Leopard Dock Crashes

macosx leopard debugging crashes dock | comments

Recently I've encountered several instances wherein my Dock crashes (by crashing I mean hovering over it doesn't show and doing Command + Tab doesn't switch applications)

Up till recently I've just been doing a restart but since I got tired of doing it always I tried hijacking it the *nix way:

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Mac OSX Caching Woes

macosx caching debugging | comments

Recently I was writing my rails / radiant application. I started out by not creating any subversion, adding some files, small extensions, etc.

After a while, I imported the application to a subversion repository. The headaches then started after. Basically I did the import by doing this :

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