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Ohm-Contrib: Quick Start

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Since Ohm-Contrib was released on May 11, 2010, a lot of changes, cool features, and small removals have happened. This blog post is an attempt to summarize what's available and most useful, although I won't attempt to

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Fuzzy searching in SOLR with Sunspot

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At one point or another, you'll need this functionality:

Find all people whose names start with Jo Sm <- (i.e. the famous John Smith)

Step 1. Make it work

How do we go about that in SOLR (specifically using sunspot?). Here's my brain dump based off of a gist:

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Upgrading our existing app to OOR Ohm

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OOR - Object Oriented Redis.

1. key(:something) is dead, long live key[:something]

Basically you just have to change the method signature. An example follows:

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Sorting with Ohm

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In the last 2 months of using Ohm, I have used sort a couple of times, and have ran into some gotchas.

Lesson 1: sort and sort_by are two different beasts

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Ohm inside tricks

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Did you know #1

I was reading Ohm's tests and stumbled upon a cool testcase, which led me to learn about a cool feature.

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