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Fuzzy searching in SOLR with Sunspot

solr sunspot ohm fuzzy | comments

At one point or another, you'll need this functionality:

Find all people whose names start with Jo Sm <- (i.e. the famous John Smith)

Step 1. Make it work

How do we go about that in SOLR (specifically using sunspot?). Here's my brain dump based off of a gist:

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Cucumber + Autospec Won't Stop Running!

cucumber autospec sunspot solr rails bdd testing | comments

If you've ever had the setup of using cucumber, autospec, and sunspot SOLR in one your rails applications, chances are you've tried hitting your SOLR test instance just to verify that the whole stack works.

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Doing partial matches with Solr and Sunspot

sunspot solr searching autocomplete | comments

In case you want to do something like an autocomplete that would pre-populate a suggestion list, say for example, by typing in a Doctor's first name and / or last name, you can do this using the starting_with keyword in sunspot. Let the code speak for itself?

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Acts as Solr 3x Performance Boost on Tests

ruby testing tdd bdd acts_as_solr performance | comments

If you're using acts_as_solr and not disabling it on your tests, or want to enable or disable it selectively, try my fork of mattmatt-acts_as_solr on

In a nutshell, you put this in your test_helper:

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